As marketing leaders since 2005, we have had the honor of working alongside businesses in a wide variety of industries to help them generate interest, awareness, and ultimately sales.  Our corporate headquarters is located near the heart of the Motor City and our client base extends throughout North America.  From small operations to multi-billion dollar, publicly traded organizations, we assist a wide range of industry leaders to build notoriety and respect for the work each company provides.

District Publishing is built on a simple, yet very effective, marketing technique, partnering with vendors and suppliers toward a common goal.  We take the stress out of this marketing method by handling the details of writing, design, vendor interaction, printing, and delivery.  The result is a powerful tool to promote what makes your business stand out from the rest.

We have drastically expanded our offerings over the years to become a full-service marketing agency.  With more than 17 years working with industry leading companies, we are experts at what we do and have a deep understanding for what will benefit our clients the most.  We provide a wide range of options, including brochures, videos, websites, promotional materials, event planning, and much more.

Your time is valuable.  If your business needs a new approach to marketing, District Publishing is here to help you find the right tools for your company. By working together, we will showcase why your business is the best among industry leaders.

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